Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 2, 2013: Pre-requisites of being a Revolutionary

10 Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more NUMEROUS and, if war breaks out, will JOIN our enemies, FIGHT against us and LEAVE the country.”

                What do non-believers see in us that identifies us as Revolutionaries?
                In Exodus 1, we have seen how threatened the king was because of the vast multiplication of the Israelites. He has seen them in such an identity that he presumed immediately and acted on it. But what was it that made Him be all paranoid about the Israelites?
                Moreover, what was it that we be identified as revolutionaries?

                One revolutionary cannot do the work alone. Ever imagined Andres Bonifacio doing all the work in all those battles alone? No! He had his KKK. What I’m saying is, we cannot be identified as revolutionaries individually without company. We cannot change the world, the city, our campuses if we go there alone. Thus, we have to multiply. How can one revolutionary inside the class change the mindset of cheating if you’re the only one answering clean? Changing the world does start in you but that doesn’t mean you stop there. Be consistent in changing yourself as you also influence other people. That is winning without preaching.

2. JOIN:                         MEMBERSHIP
                There has to be a common goal/perception for everyone to be a part in. fortunately, the Lord has given us a VISION that is very practical. Say, everyone’s starting to change a part of the culture that we have influenced them to shed off. It’s time to give them the grasp of the vision. We then answer them in a godly manner wherein the vision is at the center.
                In the previous example, we don’t stop influencing them not to cheat; rather, we tell them why not to cheat.

Ang pangongopya ay COUNTERBALANCING!
Pasado ka man ngayon at OVERSTATED ang score mo,
darating ang board exam para ireveal ang CORRECTED NET KNOWLEDGE mo!

3. FIGHT:                     SELF-DISCIPLINE
                As an identified revolutionary, we are so prone to temptations. The enemy has every “creative and innovative” ways of tempting us.
                To illustrate, reviewing…
                You are a revolutionary, what do you do? You don’t have classes the whole morning, so of course, you attend the daily prayer and the go straight to school regardless if your class is still 2 in the afternoon. And you make use of your time wisely to study.
                But it’s not gonna be easy to make that a habit. Things like, SM is just a walk away from your church, or you can watch your favorite series the whole night and wake up late. Or go out with your crush who just asked you yesterday.
                Despite all those scenarios, as a revolutionary, we tend to know our priorities and do the right thing. That is self-discipline.

4. LEAVE:                    NEW SELF

                Lastly, to be a revolutionary is to be new. You went to change the world? You first leave your comfort zone and start the life with a real purpose, a life where God is in control, a life that is influencing others, a part of something great and a life with a fighting spirit against your old self and the external temptations : )