Saturday, May 28, 2011


I didn't have the chance to get back with RJ because my heart said it was unfair for Jen, now his ex-girlfriend.

That day we were suppose to talk about clarifying things about us
it'll all end up to getting back together I thought
Melanie set me up on a date with Jake

That day I expected to have a boyfriend again
but I thought it's gonna be RJ
I still fell for Jake.

So yeah
me and Jake are on again

People should think I'm stupid
I think I am
But Hell I care

I know I love Jake but
I really don't trust him

I do regret
sometimes when I see Jake hitting on other girls
(at least this time not on my face)

I sometimes think
I deserve something...
someone better
But that chance was already given up
when I decided to give my whole life to Jake since last year of April

I'm still hurting. And I wish RJ knew how hard it is for me.


Why can't I be enough for Jake when I was everything RJ could have ever wanted...
Why can't they have same hearts to relate with mine
I'm not asking for RJ's perfection to be imitated by Jake
I want him to feel the same for me as RJ did

I love Jake, that I want myself to feel
But what about RJ?
I know he's hurting but what else can I do

I'm stuck with Jake
forever I'll be
I want to be
I want him to be
but not like this

I just wish this was easier

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