Thursday, January 28, 2010

12:36 am

“your emotions are like that of the robbers”
“the criminals, the most wanted criminals, they kept on hiding their selves. But do you think they’re really happy? Or at least contented with their situation? They’re not, because there’s one thing they don’t have that keeps happiness for real, its freedom”
“what is this to do with what I feel?”
“you feel sad, you kept on hiding it, you think it’s easy to be one self-criminal?”

Everything seemed normal and typical.
People don’t hate me.
My name was printed over that overcrowded tarpaulin.
I am kept in track of love.

Regrets for some shallow request.
Doubts for someone I trust.
Boredom about typicals.
His constant absence.

I wish your name would just appear online even when you don’t talk to me. I wish you’d still read my hopeless e-mails. Don’t forget, that’s what you said. And I feel stupid.

You people just don’t get the idea that I don’t want to be the best. Being called a “dean’s lister” would bring so much contentment but why the bitterness? I still got one spot. And I’m not reserving it. Because I just don’t want to excel.

I hope you mean what you say. I hope it’s true you love me more like what we are. I was never the best you’d ever imagine but I’m true to you. I believe I never did something wrong and it’s your part to understand since you’ve given me one title in your life.

I’m looking for excitement and I thank GOD, my friends and the others who kept on insisting enjoyment in my existence. But still, I am bored.

I love you. To any extent my words would reach, I love you. And I miss you. I was stupid to think that it’s gonna be easier for me to adjust not to see you. But it was fire between pride and love. And fear overpowered me and now I can’t be my self-criminal. Prayer is the only one keeping myself up to what we have. I am waiting…

Keeping up, really keeping up! i am VERY STRONG!


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