Thursday, March 25, 2010

45 days

The fervent kiss, so perfect it was one sunny afternoon as the sun pulls itself down to set. The filthy grass, as two hearts unconditionally collide in romance. The lofty trees, as it covered every bare fondness they had. There were many stories to tell from a talker to his perfect listener as she worries about the time while he consumes it all. Perfection, almost perfection. He stares at her as she glares. She’d absorb his scent as he gives more compliments on hers. He gives her perfect three words as she clinch to him.

And then she stopped in his tender presence when a droplet fell on her forehead. Her face went plain as she talks and his were covered with bitterness. She didn’t care about his reaction. She wanted to go home already as she anticipates on the bigger drops.

The rain, they both hated the rain for sullying perfection and then gave her impulsive happiness.

The past, the juvenile kiss, the filthy dark road, the absence of such trees, the first time left with nothing, running, running like she never thought she’d have such speed, running, as physical rain run out of her. These were all replaced by what she thought was perfection.

She still didn’t care about his hatred about the rain; she wanted to enjoy that with him. They ran to the mall exposed apart from the rain. She was never happy until they reached their destination. She was incredibly soggy in approval to her contentment and she didn’t care how other people react. And then she turned to him and hugged him, but all she felt was irritation. She was quite thwarted but that didn’t stop her from loving the scene. They went in with people looking at her with trifling questions in them. His annoyance was still obvious as he hides it from her. Still she didn’t care.

Almost dried up but still very damp, she then started worrying about the time, and more sullenness from him with his evident facial expression. The energy, her excitement, went down, down, to gone. She tried to keep up but her whole bliss turned into pessimism. She was silent. It is indeed an annoying attitude of her, as he tries to bring back her cheerfulness but she remains quiet.

As they walk, she can indefinitely feel the literal frostiness of the air. She’s wearing her damp clothes and the wind came rushing towards her as she unwillingly shivers. For most of the time he tries to approach her, she’d just remain speechless by the freezing aura with guilt in her that she is again making him miserable.

She went home and he followed her until they both reached nearest to her house. He wanted to make sure they’re okay because they might not see each other in quite some time, but then again, she was very selfish of that fact. All she was thinking was she was very cold and she wanted to go home already. She tried to keep up with him with a smile. His pleading eyes wanted her to lose aloofness.

“He loves me, he just can’t keep up with my immaturity”, she said in her as she shivers not by the wind but by guilt and the fact that he followed him all the way to her house.

Words have always been impossible to be voiced by her. “Sorry” would almost be perfect to make up to him, but she made her “usual expression of her feelings”.

“Goodbye”, still holding on each others hands, pulling her towards his chest as she presses her lips through his. Still not enough to let it go like that, and then again, another one. Such warmth she felt from him. Funny why she thought of kissing him earlier for her not to be affected much with the cold wind and for him to lose irritation.


I am selfish

I am snob

I am unpredictable

I am naïve


I’m sorry… and I love you.

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