Thursday, July 21, 2011

It all ends

I was on my summer getaway shorts with an ordinary t-shirt, went on skates to SM to see Harry Potter and all I get is “Bat ganyan suot mo?”, “Ilayo mo nga ako sa kanya, baka isipin ng iba pareho kaming pokpok”.

Well I’d shout it on her “THIS IS THE CITY GIRL! KUNG HINDI KA SANAY NA NAKIKITA MGA KASAMA MO NA KATULAD ANG SUOT NG MGA NAKIKITA MO SA MALL, PWEDE KA NANG BUMALIK SA PROVINCE MO!” No one can blame me. Who can ever say such a terrible thing right? To think that I wasn’t wearing a really short shorts. I mean, she’s the kind of girl who would give her number to random strange people and she’ll say that in my face?

Well, that didn’t really spoil my day. I thought this day, without having exams had lessened the burden of the coming ones tomorrow.

So I saw Harry Potter today. As always, they have to revise the book so they can fit it into a 2-hour movie. I guess I’d understand that. It was kinda depressing though. That movie that we’ve been anticipating on since I was in elementary is already over. Well, as it was said in the posters “It all ends”. So yeah, not really much of a big deal LOL

So yeah, that’s what happened today. Now I’m bound with studies again and I really have to review.

This post has been really really random LOL

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