Saturday, July 23, 2011

Losing Subs, Losing inspiration :(

Last night, I was up till 2am reviewing for my Part 2 Exam on 202. I didn’t do well with my part 1 so I really need to make effort on this.

So today we took the exam. Jen exchanged sits with me so I was sitted on the very front middle row just in front of Sir Silvestre. Before we started with the exams he announced already that there’ll be some changes which he shall reveal after we finish the exam.

Despite being so conscious that Sir Doms was like, almost staring at my paper while taking it, I did well I guess. I mean, I review much and I know I answered the questions well but that part came…

We passed our papers. He told us he’ll be posting our grades near the faculty room of SABM and next meeting he’s no longer entering the room…

Of all instructors, why him?!!, I thought.

He said his substitution is over and there is no other way for him to take our class and finally, Mr. Alabanza is taking over.

I can’t help but feel bad. I know he does too because I see his reactions every time he looks at me when I react on things he say.

What now? Will I ever survive accounting 202 with the kind of instructor who just enters the room, sits around and give incredibly impossible exams?

I know I will.

But I’m really pissed about the news.

Sir Silvestre’s not entering the room anymore, neither will Ma’am Mendoza next week.

Aside from his charms and good looks (if those are the same I don’t care). I’m really sad because I’m really gonna miss him. He’s really a good instructor. Not only that, he inspires me. Same with Ma’am Mendoza.

That’s what happened today, and I really don’t feel the optimism. I’m really gonna miss him.

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