Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Isogashii time out :)

I just got myself hit by a car. Literally.

Not much with the details but I just had a part of my legs colored violet.

Anyway, I guess I I just needed to look at myself again right now through this blog.

Yes, I’m miserable, but who cares? Since this sem started, I never went off that state.

Jake can’t talk to me, I don’t see Melanie around anymore and I’m stuck with my books and the only thing I talk to is my Calculator.

Well, it sounds cliché already, so what’s the point of elaborating?

I miss my boyfriend soo bad. This is funny actually. When my days are almost over, I know I’m losing hope. Thinking of things like, he’s gonna meet someone eelse, or or, he might pursue on someone he liked before, or or, he’ll just get rid of me coz he’s tired of us this way, those things (and more). And when I wak up in the morning, after dreaming about him, I just know there’s those words of LOVE and FAITH, which I’m strongly holding on right now. And i'm very sure that I'm still unconditionally inlove with him.

Melanie on the other hand, kept bugging my thoughts. This is weird, I thought. Why would I want to think about her a lot? Her skype’s not on. Perhaps she’s busy touring around the world. I’m guessing she’s in Paris right now LOL. I wish she was here, painting my legs back.

RJ, I don’t think I should blog about him but I will anyway. I just saw her girlfriend the other day and I thought, I wanna blog about the night she bullied me hahahaha, well soon.


So yeah, I’m really keeping myself busy with studies. Ignoring the agony of missing my boyfriend and that dude who can’t understand that I have a boyfriend (esh).

I’m actually enjoying it. I’m still not topping the exams but I don’t see competence much with what I’m doing. I’m just doing this for the sake of knowing it.

I don’t know but I already have this desire that I want to pass the board exam soo bad that I have to know a lot.

My instructors inspire me a bit, though right now, all they do is to scare us about board exams. About people going crazy, literally, in taking the exams. But on the other hand they are bragging us about the wealth that a CPA would have.

I’m not into getting rich actually but I thought, my family would expect that. Jake would like that. (I was even thinking that was a factor why Jake wouldn’t leave me and marry me haha). But really, I just want to engage myself with a profession and face the world with a title.

I know it’s not that important to me, my faith is still there and I have no plans to let go of it. but still, right now, I just want to be a CPA soo bad as I want to be Jake’s wife hahaha.


It’s 8:15 and I have to get ready for my 10:30 class J

--- see the transformation? I really want thissssss!! =))

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