Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No more walking in Quezon Hill

I have nowhere to go yesterday. I was supposed to stay home and read the next chapters on Law and Acctg 202 but Ange invited me over their house so I did. We finished cooking around 7:30pm so I went home around 8.

Their house is just a couple of blocks away from mine so I decided to walk. But that really was a stupid idea…

I was walking around Quezon Hill on my way to Upper Fairview when the streets were empty. I thought it was a good thing at first but when I reached the street near Phases school, I knew someone was following me. I wasn’t scared at first then on the shadows he was already walking towards me faster than he was earlier so I started walking faster, almost running actually. He was already running and I knew I was also panicking. He was already chasing me.

Thank God I reached a store near the road to Fairview and a guy, an architecture student I guess, already noticed us and shouted on the guy. And so the guy ran away. I was still in the state of panic when I realized, it was kind of embracing. The guy asked me a few questions and told me that the part of Quezon Hill is not a very safe place for girls like me to walk through alone. He offered to walk me home but I said I was fine.

The funny thing about the whole thing that happened was I was on headset while panicking :))

Well, lesson learned. I’ll never walk along Quezon Hill anymore.

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