Thursday, December 27, 2012

He's Dr. House

I am done

Myriad posts

All enclosed stage show

Dense has bent part of my moral fiber

I made him use me

Every part of me

I notioned it was glee

But it just seemed to be a cycle

And of course this is where I stand

The bottom of his circle

Will I go up and join his misleading scenery again?

Is there gonna be another of this?

Dearest Jully,
Please make it stop, the agony
He has fooled you again
He’ll always do it to you
How? How?
How can a Man of God be like that to you?
When all he did was like a plot of the enemy
You loved him
You cared for him
You believed in him
You provided for him
You gave in to him
I mean everything
What a waste

But I must not think like that

No, no I mustn’t

He is not my enemy

Emotion is

I kept myself with it

He must not know what he’s doing

Moreover, it wasn’t meant

I just wanted it to happen

And stopped trusting the Most High 

I must seek wisdom

I must grow strength

I must die

I must let Him take over once and for all

I must stop

I must believe

I must be patient

I must be faithful now more than ever

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