Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The RainTheory

I have this weird theory on the rain.

Baguio has always been one of the rainiest places here in the country. We have this theory that every time he comes back to Baguio, the sun shines really bright. Well, there were many instances that happened. But now I have another hypothesis to that. 

Last June, the month we decided to officially break up, was perfectly sunny until we were clear on what’s happening already. A few days after, it started raining until the typhoons came running in to Philippines. I won’t forget because I remember I was very active in my org then when our activities were moved due to those typhoons.

After 5 months of chasing each other back together and eventually falling apart, it started raining again in Baguio the last time he talked to me about liking some other girl. After a few days, I got the news from him that he’s having his internship here in Baguio. Funny because exactly on the day he came here, it was the start of again the sunny days in my place. Odd?  Yeah. But there’s more.

Yesterday, we again decided to just let go of whatever said relationship we had and go on without each other. Today, it started raining again in Baguio… J

Maybe it shines every time he comes back here because that would mean a chance for us to be happy together. I thought, every time we fight or just decide to end our past relationship, the sun wouldn’t shine for us.

So people of Baguio, I’m sorry if we get you confused of the weather because of our weird relationship. Do not worry. I’ll get another reason for the sun to shine. Soon.

#DiosaLang =))

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