Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Last night I promised myself to wake up 4 am and attend the 90 day challenge. I prepared everything ready so I can just take a bath in the morning and go straight to church.

As expected, I woke up 7:30 K

I really have issues with time. I mean, serious issues with time. I’ve been late all my life in all my activities, shallow or important. I wonder why I can’t get this out of my system. Maybe I am stubborn and lazy. Maybe I am careless and irresponsible. But despite that I know I handle work properly, I can work with commitment and all, but why can’t I solve this time issues.

Anyway, in the bright side, I have the perfect hair today. I wish I get this shape every time I curl my hair.

I have nothing to do in the office. We were supposed to be rotated in offices already. Actually I was really praying hard for Cash Office. Unfortunately, I will still remain in the Accounting office for this week and wait for the next week.

Also, despite my PMS, I still find it a beautiful day. The sun is shining but God kept the cold weather that I want.

This is soo Baguio.

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