Thursday, January 10, 2013

Take me away...

I was supposed to go to Manila today to inquire schools on transferees. I was really excited about this. I talked my mom through it. I told her I want to transfer school and live there for a year till I take the board exam. 

Pero di kami natuloy for certain reasons. Well, they’re all valid naman.

But seriously, I really want to get out of Baguio kahit ilang months lang.

It may be partly emotional in sense but I also think it’ll make me get out of my cage. I’ve been accessing myself and I think the place is one factor. Well, yes I love Baguio city and all, especially now that the cold weather is back but, I really feel like there’s something good that’s gonna happen if I move out for a while.

But maybe now is not yet the time…

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