Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12-10-09 soo unbelievable

It's so unbelievable
And I don’t want to let it go
it's something so beautiful
flowing like a waterfall
I feel like you’ve always been
Forever a part of me
And its so unbelievable
To finally be in love
Somewhere I never thought I’d be

i remember this friend i had once, having a dare with, since we're both bored about being single (haha)

"pag ako nauna magkaboyfriend, ikaw ang bibisita dito sa Baguio para magkita na tayo. pero pag ikaw nauna magkagirlfriend, ako pupunta jan Olongapo"

it was an agreement, and then he asked with his "playboy-ish" act.

"pano kung tayo nagkatuluyan?"

"ikaw parin ang talo kasi ikaw ang dapat pumunta dito", i answered.

haha, i guess looking at us now, we can see who won this game. :D

now there's one game i have actually beaten him haha XD

hehe, its fun reminiscing on days when we're like, in a stage that's almost impossible to imagine us like this now. hehe. soo unbelievable

this song's really getting in my head

happy 10th everyone :)

(what else is unbelievable? imagine us getting this "old"? hahaha)

and and.., uh happy accounting! haha

now i see... what love means...

love you~♥

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