Sunday, December 27, 2009

09-12-28 highlight of my 2009

2009 had been the most tremendous year I ever had even to include the bad memories. It would take 40 pages or more to site all that had happened. From my four phones, my latest break-up, my biggest birthday greeting, my new life entrance, my antagonistic act to the greatest gift I had for this year.

I would blog the last one. And only brightest highlight of my year (no it’s not college).

February 9, 2009 - I met my inbox’s favorite name personally. It was the day before my birthday. I was moneyless, homeless and family-less. “Jully!”, I heard one voice that made my sense anticipate while I looked for where that came from. Then I saw a smile very fussy which was focusing on my sight. I wasn’t that close to get myself nearer to that smile. That’s it the first sight of my Jake.

August 10, 2009 – the first time I heard those three words from him. It had been always typical for me not to respond when someone tells me he likes me personally. I’ve been observing them when it comes to this scene. It wasn’t anything unusual. I knew this was coming when we looked for the perfect spot. The only distinction was he didn’t say it to my eyes. That didn’t make me intimidated very much. It wasn’t perfect; I never had a romantic scene where everyone had theirs. Usually, on top of the hill, someone’s room, where else? But the difference made it special in his way. The cold wind lingered through me and I felt there was something going on in me. The butterflies in my stomach didn’t help much on realizing what I was evidently thinking. The flow of the scene went erratically, and then came the first kiss. I have to admit, the better than I had in my balcony before. That was the major realization I had this year. Next thing I knew, I was unconditionally in love with Jake.

I pushed my self finally to the limit. I never thought I would love someone like this. He thought me how to really love.

One prayer, for us to change. For me to be mature enough to handle myself and for him to definitely change the way I knew he did before I fell irrevocably for him.

This would have been my entrance in college, or Ralph’s farewell. But clear as it is, he is definitely my 2009.

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