Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Shopping :)

Presents. Presents. Presents. I feel like Santa today. My favorite day of the year is coming!!! I am really excited but my Christmas spirit is being spoiled a bit by my coming exams. But I won’t worry much. I know I won’t have the best results for this prelim so I guess I really have to start over next year.

Giving gifts is like my theme this year since I really love 2010. But the thing is I spent like a lot, I mean A LOT for Christmas shopping. I already did last week but it seemed not enough so we continued Christmas shopping earlier today. Here’s some of the list

  • · For my mom, I spent 200+ for the blouses
  • · My father, 200+ also for the polo (really huge, hope it fits him)
  • · For April, 200 for the sandals
  • · For Armel, 150 (exact) for the bag
  • · For Alvin, 100 (the cheapest yet) for the CP case
  • · For my SSG mom, 350 for the belt (she’d love that)
  • · For my exchange gift thing, 200 for the jacket
  • · And for my Jake, 550 for the bag (I’m still thinking about that shirt I’ll be painting so probably 800 for him, hope he’d put effort on his gift for me)

So all in all, I spent more than 2k. I feel broke but I think those people would love such gifts. I’m not really expecting much from them (except for my mom and cousins), especially Jake. I mean, I don’t know. I just feel like spending a lot for him. Besides, I’m not sure if he’d like the bag, but I do, but it’s a guy thing.

Most of my gifts are from UK (you know) haha, I wanted all things to be branded and I thought I’d be having someone in the same gift if I was to buy in the mall. But just now I realized, I would have spent less if I have chosen the mall =))

Merry Christmas y’all.

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