Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11-23-09 communication

I’m home but my mother’s not here so I don’t know if this would still be the perfect place. In one way or another, I felt like I really need a phone already. Actually, this is the only time I thought about that. Yes, I need a phone and I’m buying one. Don’t have enough money for XM but I just have to buy even the cheapest one. Tomorrow I guess. I can’t wait for Christmas; for sure I’d still spend money everyday so I cant save that much. And my mother wants me to hehe

But actually, the “primary” reason for me having a phone is to have at least communication with him. But he lost is phone so how’s that? Weird, he got his when I got none. And now I will be having one, he’s got none. I’m not sure about God’s purpose with this, but I trust Him. Hmm, for our relationship to last longer? As in longer? Would that mean, if we communicate or see each other everyday, bigger chance of separation? That has to be wrong if I spell LOVE correctly.

Haha, really weird. We started through texting and now that we’re together, we’re both phone-less. Uhh, this is really hard, or am I just thinking about everyone else’s opinion about it? People would say “kaya kayo nagtatagal kasi hindi kayo nagkikita”, very insulting actually, that they don’t believe in what we have. Well for me, or for some, I think its a positive one. People not seeing each other yet they’re still together. One reason is they love each other that they can resist themselves from liking someone else. Ours is actually more amazing to think that we don’t even communicate, yet we still love each other without each presence.

Past people may not believe this, or may have doubts about me being loyal to someone I’m not seeing for at least once a week. Well I guess, the so-called playgirl found love’s true definition. Its still the same, when I think about him (more often this time, even when I’m busy actually) that makes me “love him everyday” if they would say. And then wait till I sleep at night to see him perfectly present in my dreams haha!

I hope he’s okay and his parents would understand he didn’t mean to lose that. I really hope he’s fine.

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