Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11-24-09 crazy for you

I see you through the smoky air

Can you feel the weight of my stare

You’re so close but still a world away

What I’m dying to say

Is that im crazy for you

Touch me once and you’ll know its true

I never wanted anyone like this

Its so brand new

You feel it in my kiss

Im crazy for you, crazy for you…

-haha, the first song in my playlist. its shuffled, and yah I found the mp3 haha, I’ll be giving this back when Kuya wants it back, but he’s not looking for it for like 5 months already, since I lost my other one, so I guess this is mine haha. Anyway, yah the song. i was thinking about him, as always, and I can really relate to this haha. I’m playing this over and over and I’m actually starting to memorize this already haha.

Crazy for you, yeah I’m crazy for you, and you know its true

Anyway, I just got home from school where I first dropped by the internet shop to find the telephone no. of Digitel to update them with our Net connection’s status. Apparently, he’s online. I was actually planning to like, log on just to ask my friends for like 15 or 20 minutes? And then he was there.

I told him about me buying my phone, and then it all ended “wag mo papaalam sakin pag nagka-fown ka na ha”. By that right now I’m having so much doubts about buying one. But I have my sim already, not that I’m excited and all, I was just with my friend who bought her globe sim also. And now, I don’t know how to use this because I think I wont be buying a phone anymore.

Relating this with my intro for this post. People who might read this might think I’m “crazy” for not buying one just because he doesn’t have one. But really how would a phone be as useful as it will be if I still can’t communicate with him? like I said, it’s the “primary reason” of having one.

Let’s see. I’m planning on having a phone when:

1. I reach the total of Php 8,000.

2. When I’m home and my mother’s not there, and when I really need her help.

3. When Jake got his phone.

4. If I need it already in terms of studies.

Reasons of having a phone:

1. To at least know how’s Jake even when I don’t see him.

2. for jake not to text other girls else cause I’m there (yah that’s counted haha).

3. to text jake. Fine the first three would be counted as one! Haha. Yes im crazy! Haha.

4. keep up with my friends (not really, they still see me).

5. for academic purposes, yah I know laptop wont provide some things phone would do haha.

6. to text my family if and when I’m not coming home or when I need something or, fine!, when I miss them. Haha!

7. everybody has one haha! (but really, I want to keep that “different” image haha)

And since the “primary reason” would not be possible for now, I guess I just don’t have to buy one yet.

Possible things that might happen when I would have one are:

1. food + transportation + more food(haha) + savings + LOAD!

2. should be more careful, yes that’s something negative.

3. I WILL regret because, you know, when I look at a phone, I always expect someone, I mean him, to text me.

4. past people would eventually get my no. and text me. That’s something Jake should worry about haha jape.

But seriously, while I was online, considering he was OL also, I was talking with jumeh and he got my no. (what? I gave it to him because I missed him, not like I miss jake, but he’s been my friend before strange.

Ugh, its not final yet but for now, I’m not buying a phone till I fix my mind hehe.

This post is senseless ahaha

Here’s the drama

No, you won’t let go of me. No, I’d never let go of you. But if letting go and leaving be relative with what we have. I’ll stop writing,


but might not stop loving… ~

*I still think he wont read everything I’d be writing. But if he does…

Don’t scare me with your jokes XP

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