Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11-25-09 the REM

This “scared” thing is getting too much in me, even in REMs. Last night I dreamt about him but I didn’t like it. It was very blurry except for some parts- the only ones that I can remember. The first scene I remember was him running really fast and I was trying to cope up with his speed. I was just following him when everything went blurry. And then some girl stood in front of me. And then it was blurry again but there’s something I remember, something like this girl’s staring at me and I feel a bit of intimidation. And then I forgot what happened next.

In the next stage of my sleep, another REM occurred, he’s still there and this time, I’m crying. This is the clearest scene I remember. I was wearing a ring that time and I removed it from my finger and a girl suddenly took it from me. I didn’t see him there and then blurry again.

Maybe because I slept too early last night, 9pm I guess, because I had another stage or maybe it’s just a continuation of the last REM. This scene was blurred but he’s there. Its weird, I’m staring at him and its like, every time I blink, he changes his clothes, and all are in blue. And then I forgot what happened next, and the last scene was I was hugging someone while I was crying; I’m not really sure who and then I woke up.

Strange, very strange. The meaning might be obvious for someone reading this. There is one theory of dreams that can be applied here (psych 1). I’m not worrying that much am I? I mean, its not like I’m really scared that would happen, and I believe that won’t happen. This is the cons of being such a deep thinker haha, I still think it’s a positive attribute though, for me not for someone, especially him.

Time in my clock is 9:25. Sana mapanaginipan ko siya ulit.

I need you here tonight

I need you here inside

I need you here tonight

I really really need you here..


-this is not the only Hale song in my playlist, but listening to Roll’s voice with this song, more memories, but I always want to relate him with this. Like, I want to speak of him with the lyrics in a normal romantic conversation haha but actually the lyrics is like for a girl leaving Roll in a relationship and he’s trying to take it all in except for the chorus that he still admits that he needs her, something like that. Fine, ONLY the chorus will be for Jake haha. Ugh, ill be making a blog post for the songs in the playlist. No net means more and more blog posts haha. No ones reading but its nice looking at one of your blogs with lots of posts, I mean I don’t expect anyone to read anyway, for personal use only haha.

(ahy oh, shooting star ang next hehe, Hale manen. Well, sabi niya nga, stop na ang pagiging Haler haha)

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