Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 2: Genesis 11-20

The Bright Side of the Mysterious God

After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.”
-         Genesis 18:14

Sin has variations. As human beings, it is evident for us to find a way to disobey of disappoint God which leads to our own distractions. But what amazes me in these chapters is how God loves us to the point that He, Himself, moves or lets things happen even in the most unexpected way just to save us from our too imperfect selves.

I.                 The Tower Of Babel (Genesis 11:4-6)
What’s wrong if the people built this high tower to which they have planned? At first, it can be confusing how God saw how harmful it was for His people. But the thing is, God knows the outcome even before an idea or a plan is conceived in one’s mind. The people didn’t have the right intention of building this tower. If this plan did happen, most of them would have been self righteous and fear not the Lord. Thus, even before they realize how this can destroy them, God made a way to help them get away from it. The cool thing about this is that, who would expect God would use the language to disengage them from themselves on this project?

Same as to our discipleship, sometimes, as cell leaders, we tend to create plans or ideas in our minds in our lives, even in our own cells which we’ll never know would actually distract us from what god intends to happen, thus, He makes ways to deviate us from our own selves and help us get back on track.

II.               Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 16:6-8)

I believe Hagar wasn’t the only mistress in the Bible but her story was very well emphasized in the book. Why is that? I may not be a theologian but I may have a theory on this. God has written Hagar’s story not only because of Ishmael’s descendants but to give us a message that even the most neglected people on earth, which these people may think they are, are never neglected by the Lord Himself. Ishmael happened to be a product of a wrong decision by Sarah, and because of her insecurities to Hagar, she despised them and decided to throw them away. The Bible could have just let that happen, but God is more than stereotype. God moves in mysterious ways.

Relating that to our vision, at times we tend to be neglected or assumed nobody in the society. Nonetheless, God always has an eye for you. God never neglects anyone who He has given destiny. And by that I believe that all of us have a destiny. In the story, it was Hagar’s own will that she decided to obey God’s command to return to Sarah. It is also our choice to accept God’s grace in our lives, whether we answer to His call or neglect His offer of love.

III.              Abraham Pleads for Sodom (Genesis 18:32)

My leader Nanay Sophe has this weird attitude towards us pleading for her forgiveness every time we disobey her. We literally follow her around as if we’re playing catch even inside the church. Not that it’s a good thing, actually it’s a tiring thing but, surprisingly, now, I appreciate that about her. Reading today’s reading, esp. in Chapter 18, I could not keep her out of my mind.

In the story, of course God planned to destroy Sodom even with Abraham’s pleading towards God on the numbers of righteous men, but if that’s the case, why did God even entertain Abraham’s ridiculous requests? God wanted Himself to be accessible to Abraham.

I remember one day, Nanay Sophe told me to fix my perception towards her. I remember her saying, “Kapag nakikita mo kasi ako natatakot ka agad eh, you have to change that.” And I was like, “Boom.” Like where did she get that, so as I was reflecting on it, that’s actually so true. My leader is a clear depiction of jesus’ discipleship in the new testament. And in that time, Jesus was very much approachable. Thus, if I don’t see my leader that way, there is something wrong with my relationship with her. I love my leader. I believe Abraham love God that much as well, thus, God has just given us the fact that He Himself is very merciful, loving and to add to His many identity, God is also very much accessible and approachable.

God’s promises

(a)    I will make you into a great nation
(b)    I will bless you
(c)     I will make your name great
(d)    You will be a blessing
(e)    I will bless those who bless you
(f)     Whoever curses you I will curse
(g)    All peoples on the earth will be blessed through you

-         Genesis 12:2-3

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